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The Next Meeting is :

September 30 , 2014

at 7:00 PM

and will be at the
Gaston County
Citizens Resource Center 1303 Dallas-Cherryville Hwy.
Dallas, NC

Plan to attend !

For more information, contact the Cooperative Extension Office at


Researchers at NC State University recently published results of a study that indicates that bee species diversity enhances productivity and stability in crops that are highly dependent on bee pollination.

Click here to read a copy of the article.

Honey Jar

Honey Contest

Our honey contest was a big success! Thirteen beekeepers entered their best honey. Click here to see contest results. .

Gaston County Bee School
Field Day 2014

Examining a Hive Frame


Gaston County Beekeepers Association held its 2014 Field Day for its recent Bee School graduates at the bee yard of Alternative Beverage in Belmont, NC on Saturday, April 26, 2014. Students received hands-on instruction on donning bee suits, lighting smokers, opening and inspecting hives. Experienced beekeepers demonstrated the proper techniques for inspecting a hive and showed students the different types of honeybees (workers, drones and the queen), pointed out newly laid eggs, developing larva, and capped brood. They also pointed out curing and capped honey and pollen stores. Students also had the opportunity to remove and examine frames, observe some small hive beetles and see some queen cells.

Following the hive inspection, students and their familes, along with members of the association enjoyed a bar-b-que lunch, followed by delivery of their packaged bees.

The Gaston Beekeepers Association would like to thank Mr. Jess Faucette, owner of Alternative Beverage, for making his apiary and picnic area available to our students for this year's Field Day.





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Click here to go to our 2014 list of beekeepers who will remove honey bee swarms from your property.

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