Swarm Removal List

These beekeepers are willing to relocate HONEY BEES ONLY  from your property* to an apiary, so they can continue to benefit our farms and gardens with pollination and our menus with honey.

If you have yellow-jackets, hornets or wasps, please consult the yellow pages or the internet to find contact information for a local exterminator.

JAllen Thompson (P)Gaston County704-616-5850Yes
MBurton Beasley (VP) Gaston County704-860-1147Yes
CDavid ThompsonGaston County704-604-4527Yes
C-MentorMichael Reese Gaston County704-689-1930No
CDan TurnerMount Holly704-648-5511No
Ronnie HuffstettlerMount Holly, Stanley704-964-8598No
Alan MacNorton Mount Holly, Belmont, Gaston County704-606-4834No
CLewis Rudisill Mount Holly704-674-9653No


C- Certified

J – Journey Man

M – Master

P -President GCBA

VP – Vice President GCBA

*Some beekeepers will remove honeybees from within walls of structures; they may charge a fee for this service, and they may or may not perform structural repairs.  Make sure you understand what the beekeeper is agreeing to do before work begins.